Each of our trips has something in particular in mind and the reminder of each of our participants, is a kind of therapy to prevent memory loss that helps them live once again lived before, share their experiences.
    Field Trip
The therapeutic exercises are of great help for each participant, since it helps them to have much better mobility and reduces joint pain.
 Therapeutic Exercises
Our crafts give the possibility to each participant to exercise their own design and skill by exposing in their work the talents they have.
Our Activities


Our daily activities are in groups, where all our participants develop different skills in each of the manual activities, group work and games.

Our participants enjoy our weekly field trip, as they remember vivid moments which make them feel very comfortable.

The parties and celebrations of each of our participants are scheduled, as well as the celebration events and national dates, thus achieving that the music and the good guest become a therapy to the memories of beautiful moments lived.

Activity Menu

  Social activities:


       Musical entertainment



       Celebrate Birthdays

       Mental stimulation 

       Board Games

       Beauty parlor and barbershop     

       Computer Games

       Computer Skills

       Books Club


       Dominoes  and other tables games

       Arts and Crafts

       Senior exercise program              

       Stretching or other gentle exercise

       Field trips and much more...


                Birthday Bash
Let's celebrate the years, they are a blessing